How to get noticed if a company isn’t hiring?: Letting your current or future employer know you’re ready for a promotion.

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Setting a goal for yourself and developing a plan that allows you to gain the experience, skillset, and tools to go and accomplish it is something to strive for. But sometimes in the workplace just because you set a goal and put in the work required to achieve it doesn’t always end how you want it to. A goal like a promotion, for example, can often be beyond your control. Challenges can arise during a job search that is difficult to plan against. Someone with an established tenure might be in your dream role at the company you’re applying to and doing the job that you want. Unless said company expands or the employee decides to exit the company, you don’t have a chance.

Our suggestion in this situation is to…

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is it about that company that makes me so excited and passionate about working for them?
  • What is about this role do I enjoy getting to do every day?
  • Is it the people I would get to work within this role or at this company?
  • Is it the tools I would get to use?
  • Is it that kind of work that makes me feel like I’m tapping into the best part of me?
  • Or maybe it’s tapping into the analytic side of my brain that I don’t get to use in my work today?

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Really think about “why” you love the company you want to work for. How do you see yourself in the role you’re trying to get into and then deconstruct it. Think about all the little things that go into it and why they’re so appealing to you. What you’ll find is that there are other opportunities out there then you might have been researching. You might find that you really want to embrace your creative side. Or that you want to work for a company that has a strong employee culture. By the way, there’s a lot of those in San Antonio! Visit local San Antonio tech jobs here.


Expanding your point of view might actually land you more opportunities than you think. By asking yourself the questions above and looking at the playing field with a newfound perspective you’re going to find an amazing opportunity that you never would have considered!


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