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With the formation of Tech Bloc in 2015, the growing San Antonio tech community found a unifying voice for itself and its needs within the broader regional business & political communities.  After a number of successful projects and community programs, Tech Bloc realized that a sustained, focused effort on recruiting and developing tech talent would need to be made in order to fuel the continued growth of the local tech ecosystem. 

With the help of key leaders from the community, Tech Bloc developed the framework of Tech Talent Central to tackle this issue.  The driving force of the program is to help attract and retain technology industry workers in San Antonio. Tech Talent Central links tech talent in the marker to companies looking to hire employees. In 2018, the City of San Antonio and Bexar County contributed $300,000 as seed funding to help launch the role of Chief Tech Talent and Recruitment Officer. 

Over the last two years, Tech Talent Central worked with tech startups and large companies hiring tech workers, career training providers, higher education institutions, and other workforce development organizations. Tech Bloc board member Erin Wilbanks, who steered CTRO search committee and directs recruiting and business development at H-E-B, now heads the effort.

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Erin Wilbanks

Erin is the Director of Strategic Recruiting at HEB and a board member of Tech Bloc. Erin started her professional career at Robert Half Technology as a recruiter and continued her career at Rackspace Technologies. At Rackspace, Erin led the recruitment team as the Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition. Erin leads Tech Talent Central as a Tech Bloc board member.

Clifton 5 Strengths:

Woo, Relator, Activator, Arranger, Achiever

Fun Facts:

  1. Has two cats and one dog
  2. Started her recruiting career looking for candidates on Craigslist!

Natalie Karney

Natalie helps Tech Talent Central operations run smoothly. She also works at Jobward where she is a product owner.  She handles the startup building tools that help job seekers navigate the hiring process, beat the anxiety of the job search, and move towards their next great job.

Clifton 5 Strengths:

Relator, Responsibility, Arranger, Activator, Communication.

Fun Facts:

  1. Natalie also works with Tech Bloc Chairman, Dirk Elmendorf!
  2. Natalie attended BYU in Idaho!
“Tech Talent Central has assisted Sendspark in many ways, large and small. Most notably, we participated in the TechFuel pitch competition last year, which was a great opportunity to showcase Sendspark to the San Antonio community. Not only did we win $10,000 to fuel product development and growth, but we are also still getting customers to this day (literally - we got one today!) who first learned about us at that event. We are forever thankful for that opportunity, which was critical to our early traction. Money and recognition aside, Tech Talent Central is a symbol of the passionate, tight-knit community that we love so much about San Antonio. A community that’s about lifting each other up and sharing success. We love what you do - and each of you who make up the organization. Thank you!”
- Bethany


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