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While we obviously don’t have all of the answers to your career advice questions, we do our best to help you connect with the people and resources that we think do. We also know that those people and resources can feel a bit out-of-touch or even *gasp* boring. That is why we’ve created this media library – to bring you the best of our content and connections in video, podcast, and blog forms. So regardless of what kind of learning style works best for you, we have you covered!




Can I work in tech without being a techie? Do I really have to network with strangers to get a better job? What’s the deal with having 15 different resumes? How do I find my tech tribe when I’m new to a company or city? Join our host, Dax Moreno, as he takes you into the deep end of the talent pool through engaging conversations with the workers & leaders building the growing tech community of San Antonio.

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